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Hello and welcome to "Work From Home Pays". Do you need some extra cash? Now there are internet rewards programs that make it possible to work from home and earn some easy money. This is so simple. You simply sign up 100% free, click, view, sign up for free offers, free samples, take surveys and many more ways to earn money!

When you work from home, you do as much work as you want to. The amount of money you earn is based on how much time you put in. Also a big secret is referrals, just like I'm doing now. Sign up for these programs, put in work, make a simple website and refer!

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Do you see that video down there? I want to share with you this nice site that you can earn some great cash by publishing some news videos, images or articles on your website or blog. You will be provided lots of fully licensed content from all over the world, from News to Sports to Entertainment and everything in between. Scroll down to find out how.
It's easy to get started. Use the embed buttons on the video, type in your e-mail, pick your layout and get the code to place on your site or blog. Next sign up free at and use the same e-mail address used to embed. The embedded stories come with advertising, which gets you some advertising share starting at $1 CPM (images, articles) and up to $4 CPM (videos). Also, if somebody embeds from your site to theirs, you will earn money as well.

After using the embed and getting the code, click here.

Payment Proof - 11/07/2007
Total: $348.21